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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bead Candle holder- IC40

Ok Iron craft this week I was so un-inspired. But I was not inspired period with most crafts and sewing b/c I had a pretty busy week in the lab. I had zero jars or bottles in my apt. Like I could not even stretch the truth and apply it to something. It was not until last night when my boyfriend cooked dinner and got a jar of pasta sauce I used this as my craft project!

***Warning this craft isn't much but at least I completed this challenge****

first I started with a clean jar.

then I had some old headbands that no longer had the stretch I needed but I wanted to save the beads.

So I cut the beads up and put them in the jar.

I shook the jar and added a candle.

now I have a jar that will hold my beads for later and hold a candle. Nothing elaborate, nothing fancy.

Let's hope next iron craft works out better! :)


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