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Monday, October 10, 2011

Cosmic Pink Princess Skirt

It has been quite busy around here! Luckily birthdays and baby showers have ceased for the moment so I can play catch up! This is a refashion that I did for Lily's birthday. It all started when Sonja gave me some of this organza-like pink/blue/yellow trim that was her grandmother's. She said here, you will probably make something out of this before I do. Then it was decided that we would make something for our other resident princess (besides myself) in the troupe, Lily.

I started out with this skirt that I obtained from a thirft store. However, it was made more for me but it would not be something I would actually wear in public. No way! I did love the applique tho... I wanted it for myself.

I pulled it off with a seam ripper. I will save it for later!

Next I turned the skirt inside out and marked where with pins her waist would be. I cut away the rest of the skirt and sewed it together.

Next I began to sew on that ruffle! It started to get fun when I had several layers on and putting it under my sewing foot!

Now I ran out before I could complete the entire skirt. So I ran a gathering stitch on that little piece and pulled it through to make a "poof" or flower sort of shape.

Then I attached it to the skirt above the ruffle. And we are done!

Lily has not actually seen it yet. I just finished it after her birthday party. I hope it fits. making gifts for children esp since they are not my own I really hard b/c I don't have measurements nor can I make them try it on!

It is totally pink and cosmic. Perfect for any princess!



Amy said...

Wow, that's fun! What little girl doesn't love ruffles? Thanks for linking it up!

sew vala said...

When my girls were little they would have loved a skirt like this. I hope Lily likes it.


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