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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cross Stitch Fail- Iron craft #42

This week the iron craft challenge was invisible friend. In an effort to destash my craft stash I opted for again another christmas cross stitch. It was a whizzer- another easy cross stitch from Janlynn. The same type like I did with my elf cross stitch.

So I chose a snowman one and began to cross stitch away. Towards the middle of my project i realized the canvas they gave me was too small for the actual design.

Even if I turned it the other way, too small. It was a square. I would be short almost 15-20 stitches!! WTF!!

So I tried another one.... Another snowman... Same story not enough room. Even If I started at the very bottom or side of the canvas I would be short about 5 stithces. Absolutely ridiculous.


Even the 3rd whizzer from Janlynn I measured it out. Too small. So Janlynn's quality control department was not up to par that particular session. I have been sewing and doing cross-stitch and needle point since I was 7. I have never had a problem with any kit before until these. I have decided it is not in my best interest to go out and buy more canvas. So these project have ceased.

Well it is one way in order to reduce my craft stash right?? LOL So 3 more off my list! I am still disappointed!

So this week's iron craft is an epic fail! Here's to next week's challenge and completing it!


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