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Monday, October 10, 2011

O yeah. 80's sweater to doggie sweaters!

This was one of my first items I purchased in the beginning of 2011 to refashion.

Oh yeah, completely 80s sweater. Bad art deco sort of pattern. But I thought maybe I could work with it....

I tried and and tried to come up with something cool. Nothing. Then Sonja opted to take it and turn it into something. She thought and thought and nothing. Then she decided what this sweater could be turned into..

A dog sweater! We made one for Stella. Here is her eating, she was not up for posing that night. LOL

As a dog sweater this works and it is actually cute. Much cuter than anything I could ever come up with for myself. :) Props to Sonja for seeing the cuteness of a dog sweater! There is actually another sweater in the works from this sweater. Will post once it is done! The link for the doggie sweater tutorial can be found here.

I never said I was only going to refashion for myself this year!



Ira said...

love it... so cute....
got your link from refaschion co-op

Julie said...

Aww, that is really cute!


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