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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Special 1 week series: Crafting year round with My Next Style

Greetings everyone! Last year I was one of the recipients to receive craft products from Next Style from the Horizon Group USA.  All of these things can be found at your local Walmart. If you go to the website Fashionartprojects.com you can find out more information about all the products, in addition to ideas, and how-to videos! It is a great website filled with craft eye candy! This past year I was a little slow in posting projects I made with their products, I was focusing on the charity sewing projects and then we moved. Then it hit me, why not work on projects when I could during the rest of the year and feature 1 week of projects all together?! So this is what I am going to do-  I am going to feature 1 week of crafts using materials from Fashion Art Projects. There are a total of 8 projects! Exciting!!!

So 8 days, 8 different projects! Projects that you can do at different times of the year. We have a little bit of everything for all the seasons. Yay!!

Here is what I have!
  1. Kiss me shirt. Perfect for Valentine's day!
  2. Accent a shirt with rhinestones. My go-to shirt for St. Patrick's Day
  3. Yellow flowered heart bag. This bag is bright and sunny, it will bright up anyone's day!
  4. Zip screen fun! T-shirts and a Rocker Tote bag!
  5. Rock and Roll Baby Gifts. Use zip screens to give any fabulous baby a Rock and Roll edge!
  6. Lavender Yo-Yo Tote bag. Have fun coloring in a bandana and make yo-yo's out of it. Plus a touch of bling never hurt anyone!
  7. 4th of July Star Wreath! 
  8. Christmas tree baby bibs. This is a perfect Christmas gift for any baby, add an easy iron-on star to your tree!
There are some great projects. BTW follow and like My Next Style of Facebook here.

Posts start January 1st! A great way to kick off the New Year! :)


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