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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bunted banners

Now I am sure you have seen the past few days the cross stitch banners I finished for Christmas. Now it is time to do something with them!!! :)

First I needed to trim off the excess cross stitch canvas. I used my quilters ruler to trim it to 1 inch on each side EXCEPT for the top. I left that alone and you will see why later.

Now I did that on all of them.

Now I need to back them with fabric b/c no one wants to see the stitches. It isn't exactly pretty on the back side. First I just set each one on top of the red fabric.

I just cut the red fabric for each banner and I am almost ready to sew. Of course I have to remember to put right sides together to sew.

Next sew! I sewed a 0.5 inch seam all around the sides and again except for the top.

Now I trimmed the excess fabric and clipped the corners and turned it right side out. (yes that is Natasha, she was helping like always!).

here they are right side out. And in need of an iron!
This was going to be the order I bunted them too. Now I grabbed some excess extra wide red bias tape I had in my stash. Because I left the room on the top the bias tape will cover it and not cover up the border of each banner. Nice forethought on my behalf. Thank goodness!!!

First I sewed the banners first.

Then I sewed the rest of the bias tape closed. At the ends I folded it inside  to not have any unfinished edges.

Done!! It turned out exactly how I wanted it to look like!

Not bad huh? They are on my fireplace right now, we don't have a mantle here so they are on the screen. It is a fabulous addition to our place. And with that project, I am going to take a break with cross stitching. Off to more projects! :)


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