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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vintage Christmas Stuffed Ornaments

In my fabric stash I had these 2 types of sewing ornaments. Both vintage since they don't make things like this anymore. I kind of wanted to make them to put on the tree. Kind of reminds me of some of the ornaments my mom had for our tree growing up.

I cut all of them out. Pieced together. And sewed. The bottom ones were easy to sew. However the top pictures of the vintage people the pattern did NOT match up.It was bad but I did my best!

I clipped the curves. Turned them right side out. And ready to stuff. I used an old pillow for the stuffing.

Now what I forgot was they need hangers to be hung on the tree. D'oh! But I found this thread

So I used a needle and made a loop with the thread on one of the sides that I didn't care for.

Here it is done

Here are all the ornaments. Yes there was a LOT of ornaments! Like 26!

Now I didn't put them on my tree. I will save them for next year!


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