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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life is different....

Greetings! I hope this post finds everyone well. As this post is entitled life is very different up here. I have finally become a DC resident (with a snazzy new license and new car plates). I am finally getting used to taking mass public transportation (and a little less nauseated every week- thank you ginger pills!). And walking!! Getting used to working with security and no privacy. We are finally unpacked now the hardest thing is remembering where we put everything! Time has flown and my blog has gotten neglected. It is not intentional, I miss it immensely, but with an early wake up time, which in turns makes an early bed time, added in with a 40-45 minute commute each way, there is little time in the evenings for a lot of sewing and blogging. I have to do it in small spurts. I am also adjusting to the cold weather-I can't live without lip balm and those nifty gloves they sell with the things in the fingers so you can use your iphone. I am also grateful for the down comforter I purchased before we moved. We don't need to sleep with 3 blankets plus multiple clothing layers. That comforter heats up and is sooo warm. OMG best $40 on groupon I have ever spent!

And can you believe it is Christmas and the end of the year?!! I am almost finished with presents. Thank goodness. Unfortunately I can't go south for the holidays due to several issues with just moving and starting new jobs. So we got our first Christmas tree that was larger than 2 feet. I have been having fun making ornaments and other things for it.

So I do have some posts that will begin to trickle in here, all is not dead here. I have several ornaments, a tree skirt, cross stitch banners, and gluten free reviews coming up. I also have a top 10 of 2012 post I'm working on which has been fun. So stay tuned! :)

Miss everyone! Have a great holiday season!


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