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Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of 2012 New Years Resolutions

Last year I set some lofty goals. Really ambitious. I always like to go and review my goals and tally up points. :) My achieved goals will be in red. :)

Ok I know a lot of people make New Years Resolutions and usually they are silly, but I am one of those people who really try to stick to them. I am always looking to improve myself and achieve something.

Here are my goals....

1. Fabric points Goal = 200!
Actually I made 400 at the end of the year! That is so great! wahoo!

2. Run a 5k. Knock on wood no more injuries. Just one. ;)
  Yeah this didn't happen. I was sick on the one I registered. :( Better luck next year!

3. Bellydance costume goals (it is on my list)
- blue crystal costume- accented. use all those crystals I bought! only bra and a skirt with accents b/c i can't afford to make a belt!
- pink and peach indian sherbert costume- using up the chiffon I have had for years!- I decided to not do this costume. I dont need to do this
- pink patchwork officially finish
- finish black ebay costume
- olive rhinestone costume
- pink leopard costume finish
- periwinkle ab costume
- black fishtail skirt
- rose fishtail skirt

4. Reduce craft stock by 50%.I would like to knock out 10-11 of these projects.
I have 21 crafts. here they are listed. Yay! I did 12 projects! Some were also donated/ given away
1. indian cross stitch palace
2/3/4- cuba cross stitch
5- grape coasters
6- iris van gough latch hook
7. asian kimono cross stitch
8. asian butterflies cross stitch
9/10 christmas cross stitch stockings
11. santa wild life stocking
12. santa stocking
13. no peeking banner
14. cardina banner
15. sitting budha
16. snowman sled banner
17. snow place like home banner
18. santa banner
19. cat stocking
20. Snowman star ornament
21. Bear star ornament
22. Paint by numbers- Eiffel tower only. Its small and cute!

5. Sew 50 things for charity (if not more!)
- I made 132 items for charity!

6. Reduce fabric- Goal to have all the fabric in the closet or under the bed. So that is the rest of the small pile and the big suitcase. Yes this will be a challenge.
- I got rid of the outside the closet fabric and 1 suitcase. It is awesome but I still have way too much!

7. Reduce bead stash. Goal: have boxes gone but have beads and sequins in the containers in the file box and rubermade box too. I'd also like to keep track of bead points!
- I made 53 pieces of jewelry and I did over 150 bling points (I stopped counting!)

8. Officially be out of credit card debt. I am moving forward. I can do it if I continue on the right track and no major bills pop up. I have calculated it and I can do it!
Nope with the DC move I was unable to pay off the credit cars. I am hopeful that I will be out of debt by the end of next year. This winter makes me want to stay inside so that will curb a lot of shopping!

9. Finish that gosh darn t-shirt quilt from college.
That was also a no but at least I got the interface on the t-shirt blocks. 

10. Restore my grandmother's linens. Make aprons with one of the table cloths with holes in it.
:( But I did learn how I needed to go about cleaning them. Now that I have 2 bathrooms I can soak them overnight properly with out worrying about the boyfriend taking a shower. LOL. 

11. Use at least 1 pattern per month! (so that would be 12!) Keep track of points.
Yeah I did  12 patterns :)

12. I would like to at least draft 2 on my own patterns this year.

13. Dance Goals. Now that I am healthy again and getting myself stronger. I'd like to return to my goals mostly from last year. So learn 5 dances: law D, New Delhi Dank, Helwa, and 2 more of my choice!
I learned the following dances: Helwa, Tribal fusion, Makaan, new pirate sword, and istanbul nights.

14. Continuing refashioning. I love it! Goal = 52 refashions! I have over 40 potential projects just in my stash now! I am still going to continue to not buy clothing at retail stores. This is how I will continue to get out of debt. So it is 1 refashion a week!
- Yay I did it but it was pushing it! Next year I won't do as much. 

15. Try to crochet or knit something. Just try!
With me attacking my fabric stash and charity sewing I did not pursue either. I did sign up for a knitting class in January here so that is good!

16. Get another publication (or 2!) Try for funding!
well this is like 0.5 a point. I got accepted but I was unable to finish before moving the lab. So its not officially done! Argh!

17. Try to make my own swimsuit. B/c I am tired of swimsuit shopping! It is so depressing and I am determined to make my own! Yeah I decided no. Maybe next year! 

So pulling it all together I want to keep track of points again
Fabric Points Goal = 200
Beads/Sequins Goal= 52
Charity sewing points= 50
Refashions= 52
Patterns= 12

So 11 out of 17 goals accomplished! That is awesome! I love achieving my goals. tho its like 65%. But for new years goals that is still great! Maybe next year I will accomplish all of them. :)

Happy New Years everyone!!! :)

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Jade said...

I love that you reviewed what you achieved. I can't believe how much you had on the list to start with!!!


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