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Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Fit for a Diva: Part 1, paint glitter plant pots

I have decided to take up gardening on my patio. I have no idea what has gotten into me but I just felt the need to try to grow plants. I am not known to have a green thumb. I actually killed lucky bamboo in the past in Alabama. Usually plants went to my place to die. I was bound to change that this year. Here is a preview of some of my plants! Now to show you what I did! All this week I will feature my crafts for the garden.

I can't lie but I find most plant pots boring and dull. I just wanted something sparkly and shinny. I found this fabric paint/glitter in my craft bin and thought I would make several pots with this. I had several colors in this paint.

I selected terra cotta pots in various sizes. 

Brush on. And on. And on. Let them dry between coats. 

The black was not so successful. I wound up covering that with another glitter. 

Here they are drying. 

Then I sprayed them with clear gloss acrylic spray. I did it on my patio b/c it is stinky!!! Spray the outside and the inside. Terra cotta  is very porous.

Here is my sparkly garden! Even if everything dies my dirt looks pretty!

These are my Dahlia's growing from bulb!

I am so excited! :) Yay! I have a few more pots! And I can say is after several weeks, the pots are doing well with being in the heat. No bubbling or anything. They are holding up well.


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Michele said...

These are gorgeous!


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