Well hi welcome to my little blog. Just my little corner of craftiness, sewing, and refashioning. I am also a newly gluten free eater so you have a little bit of recipes mixed in here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turtleneck to coffee cozy

Remember that orange turtleneck I refashioned by taking off the neck??

Well I wanted to use the neck for something and I made a cozy with it! Here is how I did it! I folded the neck in half and sewed down a short side and the long side. Turn right side out. Sew the last short side

Next I attached velcro to each end. 

Look now it closes! But I need to hide the sewing mark! 

I have no idea how I have this iron on patch. But this will work!



Now this will be a great cozy to cover up an old conference coffee cup. This is now a ZERO waste refashion. 



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