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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Charity bib sewing round 2!!!

Here we go again! More bib sewing! Cutting was half the battle! This has taken a lot of my time but I just wanted to focus on one project and reach my New Years Resolution Goal!

How I reduced my time was cut several bibs at once

Oh Yeah I had over 350 pieces!!! Wow. Just wow. Now to start sewing them!!!!!

Again I went in batches, I could cut everything I could. Then I sewed everything. Then I sealed them shut.... I used a trick I used fusible seam sealer-the wide kind. Saves a ton of time! No sewing involved!

Now time to close the bibs. I grabbed everything I had on hand. Which was a lot considering people have donated their old notions to me in the past. Now time to use them! We have everything from sew on snaps, velcro, and bang in snaps. 

I love this old school box of snaps. 80 cents- wow! These were ones I had to learn how to bang into the fabric. 

Same with these snaps. Total old school right here. 

Here are all the ends bibs on my kitchen table. 

Close up of some of the snaps. 

Velcro too. easy sew. 

Here is my Natasha Bear with the what was leftover from the first picture. I used A LOT! Got to love my cat, she is my sewing buddy. 

I just had to take a picture of some of these old snap packets. These are old! I just love the old school notions. 

Look this cost only 29 cents! crazy! 

Into the box everything went. 

So what was my totals for Bundles of Love??

132 total bibs for charity
33 wash cloths
1 piece of extra terry cloth that they can use to make more items. After sewing that I couldn't do it. So I just donated! :)

I just shipped the other weekend and I am so grateful that I did! :)

Almost at my 200 goal for the year!


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