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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden fit for a Diva part 2: Multi color glitter/mod podge plant pots

Day 2 of my garden crafts! This one I am usually free glitter-nothing from paint glitter. So yes this makes my house messy. To do this I need mod podge! Now there are various types of mod podge- since the plant pots are going outside-I opted for the OUTDOOR version.

I had this in my craft bin, tulip glitter. 

I combined all glitter into one b/c separately I didn't know if I could cover a pot. 

Mix and mix well. 

So I take my pot. I covered the ground with several layers of wax paper to catch the free glitter. 

coat with the mod podge

Add glitter!

shake off excess. 

in the second round I went for thicker layer of mod podge
I did 2 coats of glitter. 

Again I sprayed with the clear gloss acrylic spray both inside and outside. I did several coats.

Here is one of my pots close up. With my pretty pink leaf plant. 
Here are more pictures.

You saw my previous multi glitter plant stakes, this is also what I created.

Yay! Got to love glitter!


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