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Monday, June 3, 2013

Iron Craft '13 #11: Rain Cloud Bib + Giveaway!!!

Yes a giveaway!! This Iron Craft Challenge is Rain. It can be something with rain or something associated with rain like a cloud. I felt like doing some hand embroidery this week and I didn't have many idea except a baby bib. And yes what I have created-I am giving it away. Read below on how you can enter and the win this bib!!! First let's explain what I did!

I still have a few of these left from when I did the baseball bib. I wanted to try something else so I thought it was a great opportunity for me. I am really trying hard to finish the projects I start I just need less mess!!!

Basically all what this is this loosely woven heavy cotton fabric. It came in the stash from the lady I purchased things from. It may be like a duck cloth sort of deal but makes for great hand embroidery. I ironed fusible fleece to the back of it to give some stability for sewing also. Now to pick my threads....

Also I needed to pick my cloud. I litterally went into Powerpoint and found a cloud clip art and printed it out. It was the perfect size.

Cut out. Trace onto the bib with a pencil.

I know I wanted a cloud with a smiley face and rain with hearts at the ends. It just seemed happy. Off I went embroidering. Nothing fancy just a simple back stitch.

Here is the cloud done

Now to add to the rain. The hearts were outlined in the floss first and then filled with a satin stitch. Pretty easy.

Now I need to finish the bib- give it a back and add some Veclro.

Pretty easy considering I finished a bunch of bibs for charity (post to come!). I just love this bib!!!! Hopefully you do too!

Now for the good part... the giveaway part!
This giveaway is open to US residents only, sorry to any one outside of the US!
Please make sure I have a way to get a hold of you, like an email.

Here is how to enter:
1. Be a follower on my blog... please comment below and say you follow me
2. Tweet, post on Facebook, and/or on your blog this giveaway. Please comment below with the link for each of the above (so you can do this potentially 3 times!)
3. Post it on Pinterest. Again comment and leave a link to the pin below!

So 5 ways to enter. The contest ends Midnight June 10th EST. I will randomly pick a comment and award the bib to some lucky person. Good Luck!



Lovely Light said...

I follow on GFC! My baby spits up a lot, and wears a bib EVERY day! This would be a cute one to add to her stash.

Lovely Light said...

I announced it on FB: https://www.facebook.com/lovely.light.12?hc_location=stream

Although I'm based in Cape Town, i will be in the USA for a month in June/July.

Lovely Light said...

I tweeted it! https://twitter.com/LovelyLight1/status/341659882979721216


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