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Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Iron Craft- Time crunch (infinity Scarf!)

This is the last iron craft challenge of 2013, I have signed up to continue for 2014. The theme is time crunch. You are supposed to make something for yourself in 1 hour's worth of time. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this- an infinity scarf with leftover fabric I had.

Remember this lovely brown chevron fabric?
I made an awesome maxi skirt with it? Which you can read about it here.

I get so many compliments on this skirt. I have worn it in the summer and in the fall with a long sleeved sweater. Everyone loves it and are shocked I made it. Well not shocked, but love the fact I did. I had scraps of these left over that I really can't do anything with on a large scale but perfect for something smaller like a scarf!!

It was pretty easy to do.... I made a big rectangle. It would up being 74 inches long. I think it was 20 inches wide, I can't remember now! Fold in half with right sides together. Turn right side out.

Wow if I had tried, this would NOT have matched up so well. Moving on! I connected it together. And poof I had a scarf all done. Which is surprisingly warm compared to my other ones. I think it was a combo of a thicker knit and double thickness. It has now became my new favorite scarf!

Here I am by my tree,

Now I grabbed my cat to take a pic with me and Sebastian was not having it....

I got a little of a hand gnaw... mixed with my other cat on the ground with her laser eyes. Yeah that was the end of the pictures.

So here it is, just plain and simple.

Here's to another successful year with Iron Craft and I am ready for next year!


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Just Crafty Enough said...

I bet you will wear that a lot! Glad you are in for another year!


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