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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Large Striped Sweater Refashion, Refashion #9

OMG I am so excited about this refashion. I can't take credit for it much but it is such a great idea!!

First started with this large knit sweater. It was large but man just love that pink and navy blue stripes! But what was odd about this shirt was the sleeves were tight starting mid arm. Which if this top was for a larger lady how could they get their arms in this. They just fit MY bony arms.
 After seeing this post from Oh Everything Handmade. She turned a sweater into an open front cardigan. After seeing this tutorial I KNEW I HAD TO DO THIS AND THIS WAS THE PERFECT TOP TO DO THIS!

I basically followed her tutorial. Basically take off the sleeves, sew across the top to create the back, created arm holes. I evened out the new top and bottom of the cardigan.

Now I serged the top and bottom but as you can see, since I have a thinner knit-if I don't have the right setting on my serger I was going to have lettuce ripples. I added some iron on tear-away interfacing to stabilize the fabric while I serged it. As a result, I had a nice even edge. That made me very happy. 

I then sewed the 10 cm on each side to create the shoulder seams but while doing that I also added stabilizer to prevent it from sagging. Again it was a thin knit, it will pull over time with the weight. 
Then I added my sleeves, which I didn't have to alter, I would say if you are working with a thin knit that you should probably do some stay stitches before you add the sleeves. That would have helped me b/c it STRETCHED. But boom! I am done! I know have a fabulous new open front cardigan. Giddy!!!

OMG what an improvement! And thank you to Oh Everything Handmade for such a fabulous tutorial for this refashions! I even tried a belt . 

91 left to go (not that I am counting!)



Magda said...

l.o.v.e. it! And it looks so good on you.

Unknown said...

Fabulous! That is a great refashion -- and a great tip on the tutorial!

Desarae said...

Ahh! So CUTE! I love the colors in this cardigan. This is a great refash, and looks wonderful on you. :)

Hanna said...

Looks fabulous, Lauren! It's so rewarding to see other people actually make the tutorials I create, so thank you! :)

Elaine said...

This is SO cute! I want to find a huge sweater now and make one myself.

Unknown said...

I love the color scheme on you-it looks great.

Shazzakay said...

This is so cool! You did a great job, I want to do this one!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! We have a similar body shape and this is so flattering. I'm going to make one too, maybe a tiny bit longer, cause girl you know how when hems hit at shaplier thighs they make them look bigger and draw all of the attention there! Oh I can't wait to have one of these awesome sweaters. I love the print on yours too, it's so pretty and feminine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh this worked really well, Lauren! My favorite look is with the belt. Well done!

CreativaCale said...

Exelente idea and work.You are so talent and creative girl.Kiss from Serbia,


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