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Friday, November 29, 2013

GF Cheese Biscuits and thanksgiving review!

For thanksgiving this year I decided to try out this mix for cheese rolls.

The mix was so easy to make and I used fried grated sharp cheddar cheese. Really easy to knead the dough. And easy to make the rolls.

Here is the end result... these were super yummy!

I would definitely do again. Next time I would flatten the balls out. This would give a better cook with evenness. There were some spots that were doughy. Just small spots. But definitely again!

I made my own stuffing using some of the frozen breads I had. I cut them into small pieces, tossed with oil and seasoning and baked for 20 minutes. The next day I sauteed some peppers, onions and mixed up. It was great for the turkey but too dry for eating. I attempted to make crockpot mashed potatoes but I got my ratios wrong. So I added this to it and it was fabulous!


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