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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Red corduroy skirt refashion

Time for a refashion! It is the red corduroy skirt.... oh it is stretchy!
 For some reason when I wear this skirt I feel like I should be reading a thick book and I am possibly a librarian...

No matter what I do with that skirt it is ugly and too short and you see my ugly feet which I hate, hate, hate! Time to shorten it!

What I also noticed  was the button holes were a bit stretched out. I also didn't care for these brown tortoise shell buttons. Remember this simple red sweater refashion?

Remember these buttons? From this sweater refashion? I saved them, perfect time to use them.

So I swapped out the buttons. With a quick cut, some of my problem was gone. I realized cutting above the last button would be a good length for me.

Next just fold up and sew. But the bottom button was in my way!! Remove and finish sewing!

Done! A nice fall skirt my way.

Love easy refashions. BTW I made that top that I am wearing with it! Stay tuned, I'll tell you how easy it is to make!


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