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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drapey Maxi Dress: Vogue Pattern V8241

This is probably one of the dresses I am super excited about this dress!!!

So let's start from the beginning! I used this Very Easy Vogue Pattern V8241.

And let me tell you it was super easy to sew. Now cutting it on the other hand, was super hard. See that cute fuzzy little grey "angel"? Hovering around the cutting table and wanting to mess with the tissue paper??

I still see you..... You are not hidden. Actually you hide very badly.

The material is a polyester interlock. Actually, it was meant to be a full half skirt for a choreography I was part of but never made one. Then I moved! So it just languished but I realized I had just enough to make this dress. I was super excited. The only part I had issues with was sewing the back slit. I mean I was confused on this part badly. I actually sewed it at one point so badly that it was wrapped around the bodice. No pics. I was so frustrated. I had to walk away and let my brain settle. I got it after a bunch of practice parts. I was not going to give up. So that picture could have been better. Also I promise you for the elastic part in the waist, I called to sew elastic bigger than your waist. I actually made the elastic smaller to make the bodice drape a little more. Actually, I think I could have went in an inch more.

I love my dress... Love it. Here is with a belt.

There is a back leg slit, so you can walk. And also a back slit so you can put it on. Oh yeah, I modified the pattern to not do a button. I actually put in a snap. Way faster and easier. Plus I got to use the hammer with the tool. LOL Don't ask me why I was excited. 

With out the belt so you can see the dress

Easy, breezy, and OMG I just love this dress. I would totally make another one. Seriously. The fit is perfect. I did my normal size 12. Perfect. Highly recommend too.



Lovely Light said...

You look gorgeous in it!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! It's really comfy too!


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