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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Instructional Bellydance with Jillina Level 3

Ok last part of the Jillina 3 part series (no worries she actually has another 3 part series that I am reviewing). Again 2003, same sort of setup like all the previous DVDs. It is an advanced choreography to a Hakim song. Ahhh Hakim, I love Hakim.
Again stretching is small. Technique is clear. Combos lead to choreo. I had issues with these combos
4- gets vertical 8s mixed up again
9- hits were hard to understand which hip and it up, up or up, down, or down, down
(there are 10 total combos btw)

There are a lot of turning in this choreo. Drilling combo 10 may be hard for some people. Again way too much zooming. I just want to see the choreo. I need to see feet and direction I need to face. I really hate that. Stop zooming!!! You are not helping the choreography!!!

Definitely an int/adv dancer choreography. Lots of turns. Live performance at the end. But again some of the camera zooms on her abs/hips really is not what I want to see. I almost feel it is inappropriate.

She always has really great interaction with audience, she is truly an outstanding performer. Which with the zooms you miss. As a dancer I want to see all of her dance from head to toe. Because she truly performs head to toe.

Verdict: Keep. I never get tired of her choreography. :)


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