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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nadira 5-Layers Bellydance DVD Review

Happy Tuesday! Next up is the beautiful Nadira. Who when I first saw her looked like my best friend from college Jana. I did a double take and thought, Jana when did you start dancing and how are you better than me? ;)

This is all about layering. It has a nice Chapter DVD where you can select anything to work on. This is also a great inspiration to all the really tall dancers out there with long arms, yes you can get them under control and they can be beautiful!

She teaches like a class, speaking and facing a mirror for when she breaks things down. She starts small and builds up. I felt the warm up was too fast and I needed more. Especially for her DVD! I recommend warming up a bit more. She also has a great posture section. She was also a dancer who had back problems, a herniated disc from an accident and learned how to work with her injuries. Really great advice here.

I struggled with a few of the combos. I am the shimmy queen and for some of them it was hard to not shimmy. Bad body. She goes through everything really clearly, starts small and adds layer after layer. Then you drill that combo to music. After that next combo. The combos get harder as you go through the DVD. There is also at the end an extra practice, which was really good.

I loved this DVD. It is a KEEP! Recommend for intermediate dancers and on up. Not for beginners, you need more experience under your hip belt.


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