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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Twins Basic Moves and Fat Burning

Next another DVD back from 2001 (god I am old!) from Veena and Neena, the bellydance twins.

Again this DVD is similar to their previous ones. They don't talk during the workout. There is a voice over. The video is good and they look at you as if you are in a fitness class. Which this is a fitness DVD so fair enough. The content is basically basic drilling. Some of it was too slow for me. I put it on fast forward a bit to help me with boredom.

This is an extreme beginner DVD. Like the kind of DVD you give your friend, family member, or coworker a DVD to do "bellydance moves". If you are a dancer you understand what I am saying. If you are any bit of a seasoned dancer you will be bored with the slowness of the DVD. I will give them this, they really describe the moves really well so for the absolute beginners this is fine and clear.

Verdict: Sell, though not because it was bad, it is just too basic to warrant taking up space on my shelf.

Oh yeah the end performance in the black and gold lame was classic 90s bellydance costume. Love it. And could have done with out the dark shadow dancing to the introduction.


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