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Monday, November 11, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Sera Solstice

Well happy Monday! Happy Veteran's Day! Today is a Tribal DVD review. Now I will admit that I went into this DVD with a bad attitude with this DVD. I did not take it seriously until I actually did it and completely willing to admit it. This is a good DVD.

The quality was good for both sound and video. I saw everything clearly. My only wish was I wish the background music was lower than the talking.

The menu was full of chapters I could go to, really nice! And it breaks it down by minutes!
The warm up was really, really good. She mirrors you and also has an interesting layout with 4 girls. 2 facing each other, 2 facing you. And what is impressive is she talks to you while dancing full out. Doesn't even flinch that she is out of breath.

The rest of the DVD was great! It is geared for a very advanced beginner and up. I learned things so I recommend for all levels. There were new things for me to combine together. And it was something I wanted to revisit again. I enjoyed different combos and moves. She goes through 6 combinations, step-by-step with clear instructions and what not to do. And then you do it together. I will say that everyone was in sync but 1 girl. It was odd. And it wasn't just once. It was a lot and that same person.

The performance with her is really odd. It is a New York bellydance DVD and they is what you see with these DVDs, its almost like the dancer is improvising and they throw over a beat which doesn't match. The girl just keeps dancing and dancing, just randomly. That is what this was. And odd, weird background stuff with her name coming up on the back.

I highly recommend this DVD I need to do it a few more times to be comfortable. Good workout too. This is a KEEP!


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