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Friday, January 3, 2014

Gluten Free Review: Pancake Mix- FAIL

We tried this mix on Christmas. We decided to splurge and make some pancakes. So we tried this mix I think I got from my mom. I can't remember. It was just in our pantry.

Easy to make, cook, they LOOKED decent

However, they literally fall apart in our mouths. It was impossible to pick it up with a fork. The taste wasn't all that awesome. It was super light hence why it just fell apart. I didn't even finish mine, neither did my boyfriend. We threw away the rest of the box mix. Not worth it, Don't recommend.

Hopefully there will be better food reviews in 2014!


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Desarae said...

Yuck, no fun! I'm planning to share some of our gluten free recipes on my blog sometime in the future, and we have a pancake recipe that is great-- it is made with DIY oat flour! They have a great, hearty, grainy taste.


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