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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Embroidered Bellydance Ornaments

OOh I have been dying to talk about this project for weeks now. But I had to wait until I got them shipped off to my friends. I made embroidered bellydance ornaments! Squee!!!  So here is how it all began... I was the receipient of free thread from Sublime Stitching. While visiting their site I cam across their bellydance pattern and I was sooo excited. I had to have!

First, I cut out the patterns for the dancers at the size I wanted. I didn't want them too big. I drew the parts I wanted with purple embroidery transfer pencil.

I then ironed them to fabric to leave the pattern. Time to start stitching!

But of course I hooped them before I started to stitch. BTW I had a lot of floss from Sonja's Grandmother so every one was stitched with love :) 

Here is all of the finished people. :) they don't have bling yet. I have to bling them!

Enter Lauren's bling stash

This is Sonja, yes those gold beads are like zils. 

This is Victoria. I tried my hardest to find thread that matched her red hair!

This is Jenna.





Ok now I am ready to turn them into ornaments. I needed to kind of give them some sort of shape. I used my hoop as a start. Then I trimmed down. 

Like so. Now time to back with white fabric

Here is all of them on the backing fabric.

Pin and sew down. 

Trim excess fabric and clip all the curves

Ok ready to stuff!

Now we need to have a way to hang them up and also stuff them!

Not going to lie but I loved how they turned out! I am positively giddy. Now I should probably make some for myself..... LOL!



Lovely Light said...

Really fun! I love the patterns and the bling you put on them. Lucky friends.

Anonymous said...

Such a get idea to make as gift !. thanks for sharing :-)


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