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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garden Bloom Bib- Iron Craft 36

This week the Iron Craft Challenge was Creative Activities. This was based on every year the State Fair in Minnesota has a Creative Activities Competition. OMG I swear everything is included, the categories will blow you away. Basically sewing, paitning, crochet, seed art, scarecrows, baking, quilting, creative collections, etc, etc, etc. Wow I really had my choice of what I wanted to do. I of course chose a sewing category b/c next weekend is a friend's baby shower and I really needed to work on making some gifts. I spent this wet Tropical Storm Lee weekend sewing for the baby shower (and also for myself! posts will begin to trickle in as the week goes on...).

First of all, let me state I am done early. It is tuesday night and I have everything ready. It is a miracle. But I just finished some other bibs and I am winding down for the night.

I call this my garden bloom bib. First I started out with some green and yellow striped fabric I used to make my bib base. Then I tried out one of my embroidery stitches on my sewing machine. I made 3 varying height "stems" with that fancy stitch. Additionally, I added tear away stabilizer to the back of the bib so the stitches would not look weird. I have learned this!

Next I made 3 fabric yo-yo's using my flower yo-yo maker from Clover. I love these yo-yo makers. No ironing is involved and the holes where I need to sew are marked. It is seriously brainless. Makes me happy after a long day in the lab. I used 3 different colors b/c I couldn't make up my mind. :) I secured them to the bib after I had added the backing and turned it through. I made sure to super anchor it! Here is a close up of one of the flowers. I still need some work to perfecting my technique. I'd say the flowers are the hardest (I've also tried circles and hearts).

The bib as a whole...

I really like the design of this with the yo-yos. I may play around with this theme more. Maybe make more of a bouquet of flowers? Oooooh. HMMM. Now I want more yo-yo makers!!! I just saw they have butterflies (hello cute kid gifts!) and shamrocks (hello cute st patty's day costume!). I am going to make a list for my bday it is at the end of November. Along with my ruffler foot.

Ok I am blabbing. Here is to finishing early! yes!!!



Unknown said...

The flower yo yos are adorable!! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com said...

Love this bib! Totally cute flowers! Had no idea that you could make yo-yo flowers! Thanks for linking up to WWWW!


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