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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A is for apple bib

Now that the baby shower for Alicia and Dave has past I can post some of the items I made! This is now the 4th baby shower of this year I have sewn for!!! Crazy! But actually I have come to love sewing baby and children gifts. The small-ness of items just puts a soft spot in my heart (sssshhhh don't tell anyone!).

With every passing baby shower I try to push the envelope with my creativity and sewing skills. I also try to not give the same gift to everyone. I try to make it something special and personalized for each couple. :) This bib was something from a pattern.

There were a couple of choices. Which is like sewing crack b/c of course I want to make them all but I chose 2. First one was the apple bib. :) I thought it was precious!

I chose a darker red apple, a light cream for the yo-yo which makes the "shine" of the apple, and cream bias tape for the top. I had tried black bias tape and I did not like it so I ripped it out!

Hardest thing of this pattern was sewing the bias tape on that deep curve. I have sewn a lot of bias tapes now and I struggled with this one. I can only get better right?? I also have to remind myself that it is a bib, the neck is hidden and the rest of the bib gets baby food. LOL!

I would definitely make this bib again. I love the apple, I would love to play around with patterns and color with fabrics. I would love to make all of them and have a whole garden of fruits and vegetables!! :)


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Promosyon said...

Enjoy reading your blog and others. I think of blogs as a way to share and receive ideas and tips. I hope to start one some day too. My passion is sewing and embroidery.


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