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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Burgundy Sweater Dress

Wow after Tropical Storm Lee hit us, we went from sutffy, muggy high 90s to highs in the 80s and in the 50s for the lows. It has been fabulous! This weather may be a tease but I love the change of the seasons.

Found this dress at Goodwill, again for $0.99. It was an XL but the sweater itself ws in really good shape. No holes or stains in the knit. Just big and long. And had a turtle neck.

First thing was i wanted the turtleneck to be gone. I can only handle so much turtlenecks. And I don't understand why every winter shirt needs to have a turtleneck either.

I found the seam in the turtle neck and cut down it to the collar.

Next before I fitted it, I decided to take up the length. I came up with I think 11 inches to which I cut off the dress. I will save that for a later occassion. :) Finish with a hem :)

Now to fit. This sweater is an XL I may be at most a medium. So there is zero stretch in this dress on me. It really needs to be taken in. Plus it has though pre-made hips. I am a hippy girl but not that hippy!

I used my dress form for the start of it.Pinned it and sewed. Tried it on. The armholes were sitting funny and the sleeves were still too big. So I refit the dress on myself. Sew down. I had to cut away all of the fabric in the armholes and the general area to get it to ease and fit right.

Lastly, I needed to take some serious inches off the dress.

Here's me cutting it with weights added so the dress won't stretch so much!

Then end product, which BTW I am wore today at work!

I am still undecided as to if I want to take the skirt in or not. The dress fits me better now. I like the length. The turtleneck doesn't choke me anymore. I think I may see what happens in the wash

All in all easy sweater dress for the fall. Comfy, not bad to look at, etc.


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