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Monday, September 19, 2011

More Posts on their way!

Yes I have been sort of absent from the blogging world. Been a busy gal but have no fear more blogs are on their way! First I had another baby shower for my friend Alicia! It was another baby girl so I got to have fun making baby girl gifts. For this year I am 2 boy to 2 girl baby showers. And I had no idea how much I would love making baby gifts. I did 4 more bibs, a dress, and a bath towel/hoddie/swaddler from a vintage pattern.

I did a bunch of refashions, mostly needing the end picture which I am taking tonight. A dress from the new butterick fall catalog (which took me a long time!!). I have managed to keep up with iron craft and those are the only posts I have kept up with (barely).

It has been busy in the lab here, my old lab submitted a paper where I am first author, we got accepted last week. I am still trying to find a picture to enter to make the cover of journal. So far I am clueless on what I want to submit. The current lab the paper we submitted needs a section added but we are making progress. And I have been a in physical therapy 3x a week. My knee is getting better and I am weaning myself off the knee brace, I am still struggling. But more PT and hopefully no surgery!

I counted 19 blogs i need to write! So stay tuned. I am determined to turn this to do list into a TO DONE list!!


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