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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Navy Blue Swag dress

Not going to lie when I say making this was slightly painful. This was my first time sewing a butterick pattern and I feel that at times it was hard to discern certain steps. Additionally, different terminology was used then what I was used to in previous patterns I have sewn. I am not saying I am awesome at following patterns, which I am not, but I have sewn with simplicity and McCalls patterns and had little problems following along. This one I just got confused. And it is labeled as easy! EASY!

First of all, I used a new Butterick pattern for a cute dress with draping on the front both top and bottom. I had this stretchy navy blue and wild flowers material that I was inspired in my stash for a long time. Then I saw this pattern and I knew exactly the material I wanted to use!

I don't have any pictures during this sewing escapade. Mostly b/c I was really confused and just wanted to make it through the pattern! I also cut the lining of the skirt wrong (not parallel to the selvage) and had to toss the lining for the skirt. the top has lining. But the fabric is not see through so it is not a big deal. Let's see it took an entire day just to do the bodice. There was lots of tucks and odd sewing order, which is why I probably had problems. Also stretchy material, I am probably insane to sew this pattern. I think it worked out well, I cut for the size beneath where I should be.. my chest is 35 so I am technically between sizes so I cut a 12 instead of a 14 (which is 36 inches). This dress was also not form fitting either plus the stretch meant I had some leeway room.. Wound up being not much b/c I had to hem some off b/c with the stretch the back part with the zipper was slightly askew. So I just made it with this dress. Here is the end product.

Yes the material is wild. But I think it works well with the pattern. The dress actually looks good in the end. It fits just perfect. I don't have to alter it to fit. And I sewed an invisible zipper with stretchy material. That is the part I am most proud of the back looks great! My secret for the zipper was fusible interfacing. My dress could almmost pass for something that was purchased in the store. Almost... I am not a fan of the bottom hem.

Will I make this dress again? Probably not anytime soon since I have so many other patterns. Would I recommend it to a friend. Only if they have experience sewing with patterns and understand the terms. I had to look up understitching on youtube to understand what to do with the pattern. Thank you youtube! But this is not for the newbies even if it says easy!!! I really hate to know what their hard or advanced is...

More posts are a-coming! :)



TracyKM said...

It's a cute dress!
I'm surprised it needed a zipper though. I haven't yet sewn a zipper in a knit (well, other than things I've knitted myself), but I keep choosing knit patterns that don't need a zipper, LOL.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thanks TracyKM! The pattern called for a zipper go figure! I don't think the material recommended in this pattern was a knit. I just chose one. :) I am just so happy to be done with this dress. Surprisingly I have got a lot of compliments on it!


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