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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sewing tips from my class

A little while back, I took a class at Hancock Fabrics that was demo-ing a pattern drafting course that could fit you perfectly (which was super expensive, not going to happen, I'd rather spend up to $3, like for Vogue, or less for others to have the pattern already drafted. But I did gain some useful sewing information that I will share!

1. If you are using a pattern that does not have a seam allowance you can get a guide for your rotary cutter (on my christmas list).
2. The smaller the rotary cutter you use the better you will be with cutting curves. You have more control.
3. If you have a 50% stretch fabric you need to remove 2 cm from your pattern in order for it to fit well.
4. Here is where you loose so much fabric at certain seams (unless you use a walking foot)
  • back side seams: 1/2 inch
  • back shoulders 1/8 inch
  • back pant legs 1/2
  • sleeve caps 1/4 inch
  • collars 1/4 inch
  • facing: 9 inches=1/8 inch, 18= 1/4 inche, 36= 1/2 inch, 72=1 inch
So If fabric never matched up to how you cut it, it is b/c of the feed dogs! A walking foot controls this b/c it feeds the material in evenly. Now the only thing is get over that loud sound.

5. A roller foot is great for slippery and problem material. Or even attaching lace to other fabric. Yes I so want one!

Happy sewing everyone! Now I will never loose my notes! :)


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