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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crazy striped pants, simplicity 1663

Oh these pants....

I have been seeing a lot of fun crazy pattern pants. I wanted to give it a try. I used this simplicity pattern with this fabric.

I selected the long pants. I liked how this seemed to fit and flare. And didn't look like a glorified PJ pant pattern. I cut my normal size. And after sewing it together they were MASSIVE. went and removed a lot of fabric, even from the center seams. I got it as best I could and realized my fantasy idea of pairing it with a lovely top I had from Ann Taylor

To what this was in reality- a pair of lounge pants. No way I would wear this to work. 

My baby... :) Yup so with a t-shirt. Hanging out at home with my cats. 

Yes. Lounge pants. 

I cut a 12 and this is after removing many inches. I could have easily cut a 10 or lower. I have an idea on how to modify this pattern. Plus this is a thicker cotton fabric so there is no drape. The crazy tribal fabric may be making another appearance. You have been warned. Stay tuned!!! I think with a thin knit fabric, coupled with some slice and dicing- I can make this work.



Annie said...
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Annie said...

Pants are on my sewing list of 2014. The simplicity pattern you chose has a nice shape. Would you sew it again with different fabric?

Even if you can't wear them to work, your pair does make nice lounge pants!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Annie. Overall not a bad pair of lounge pants. I actually just redid them and much happier!


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