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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Indian Skirt Refashion, Refashion #22 butterick 5599

I am so excited this dress is complete. It was a LOT of work. A LOT of work.
First I started off with this skirt. Of course it was too big but look how lovely it is.... Paisleys, ahhh. It had some issues with fraying at the bottom with the hem that someone attempted to fix but didn't work. I decided to combine it with some blue fabric and make this lovely dress from Butterick, 5599.

Little did I know how much sewing was going to be involved. There were over 20 pattern pieces. Combined with interfacing and lining. The grand total was 93, yes people 93 pieces!!!!!

Sewing this was crazy. After I joined the pieces, I ironed the seam open. Then did another seam on both sides of the joining seam. The easiest way to do this was the using my clear open toe foot. But I got my best seams with my regular foot. So you guessed it, I had to switch between my sewing feet after each part. I did learn that I would join a piece, do the other mirror side and then press, sew, sew. Repeat, repeat, repeat......
My beef with the instructions and pattern pieces with Butterick is they did NOT label some of the pieces on what side was for what. Like this side is the center back, center, side seam, etc. The pictures were not the best. So on top of all the sewing I had to pull out a lot of seams with my seam ripper. Sigh.  Then when I got the lining complete (which was a mirror image of the dress bodice) and the zipper went in I realized that there was a huge gap in the top of the dress. It was not the placement of the straps. 

The dress went into the corner while I pondered the fit issue. I realized I needed to take in the middle portion of the bodice in order to keep things covered. Ahem... I wound up taking in 2 inches in the middle of the bodice. Then repositioned the straps. OMG I was done. Hem. Complete. 

It was worth it, I mean the dress has pockets! 

Heyyyy..... the sides even match up!

And the back isn't bad either. It was a lot of work to make sure I stayed on 

Recap... I love this dress.

Now I have sworn off this pattern. It was a lot of work. I will probably never sew it again. Things were confusing. I have gotten the OMG this dress is fabulous, would you consider making me one? The answer is NO! Right now I am scarred from this pattern it would take a lot of money to sew this for you. A LOT!!!!

I am happy it is over and happy this dress is done. And I shall wear it proud!! There were totally blood, sweat, and tears shed for this dress. But it is lovely.



Cathy Connors said...

Gorgeous! All the blood sweat and tears were worth it in the end!

Liochka said...

Good job !!

T. Sedai said...

Looks so cute! Worth the effort for sure.

Carissa said...

Lauren, this is fabulous! I loved it from the first 'after' photo, but then pockets!?! Seriously, awesome.

Patricia Hall said...

Looks great!

Tracy H said...

Looks great. I love the way you have given a completely different new life to the fabric

Marianne said...

This dress is awesome! So worth the effort you put into it!

Hana said...

Hello Lauren! Your hard work has paid off, your dress is totally adorable and it looks great on you :-)

Lovely Light said...

I really looks fantastic on you!

Desarae said...

Bang up job, Lauren! I love paisley prints myself, and I'm so glad you were able to rescue this one! It looks fabulous! Congratulations on such a tough finish.

Helena A. said...

Hi Lauren!
I just LOVE this dress! The pattern, the fabric of the skirt, and the fabric you added!!! UAU! It turned out GREAT!
You look awesome! But... I'm with you 93 pieces???? REALLY??? No way!!
Kisses from Portugal!!! :D


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