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Friday, September 20, 2013

More lessons learned from my first attempt at gardening

Ah lessons learned from my adventures in gardening. LOL ENJOY

1. Sometimes plants kill other plants... My basil and my catnip killed my spinach. Boo

2. Sometimes Dahlia's grow more like a bush and BIG. Yes that is my cat next to this beast.

3. My cilantro did something odd. I have these like balls, very aromatic. I have to look this up.

4. Polka dot plants can grow high and also produce these cute and tiny little purple flowers.

5. Here is regular cilantro.
6. Green peppers seem to grow in spurts for me. Might be the temperature.
Yay for spicy peppers. I can't wait to use these. They are growing like weeds for me! yay!
This is what happens when you don't seal the inside and outside of a terra cotta plant pot. Can you see the bubbles from the glitter paint?

There will probably be more to come. I am always learning.



Almarie said...

Cilantro is coriander. Cilantro or dhania is the leaves of the coriander plant and coriander is the seeds. I have cilantro, but absolutely love the smell and taste of coriander.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Ah! I had no idea! Unfortunately we had a BAD storm come through and basically a bunch of my things on the patio were ruffed up! The cilantro/coriander got .... err... destroyed. Dang wish I knew!

Thanks for letting me know!


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