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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blue lace maxi skirt

Yes I am having maxi skirt madness but they are so nice for the lab and the long commute every day. Here is my first one where I drafted the pattern myself. This is periwinkle blue stretch lace with a blue stretch cotton flannel like (for lack of a better description) liner underneath.

I made the pattern using the instructions of the maxi skirt pattern from Elle Apparel

Here is me trying to cut it one night after work... Got to curve up the bottom part to make the skirt even, which blew my mind! But it worked!

Repeat with the lace. Use the liner as a pattern.

Here is an up close before I put it on. It was really easy to make. Directions were easy to follow. The lining sort of messed with my head but I got it to work. 

On! Love it! Can't wait to wear it to work! 

Very happy with this pattern and the outcome! Will definitely use it again! Stay tuned for another try with this skirt!


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