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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Peacock necklace

This necklace all started with this candle. I noticed it had a cool peacock charm. And with my obsession with peacocks this candle came home and I decided a necklace was in line. :)

Off came the gold stuff. And you can see the cystals I am going to pair with the charm. 

Here is my design. I was also going to use some bronze spacer seed beads. I used 2 jump rings to keep the peacock facing forward. It was pretty easy to string. 

Now to add fasteners-I am going to use a magnetic clasp. Here is a hint on how to get your crimp beads crimped with a magnetic clasp... let it attach to something magnetic, THEN crimp. Or you will have lots of problems!

I used 2 crimp beads on both sides. And weaved it through the nearby beads to hide the string.

Done! Yay! 

This peacock charm looks so much nicer on my then it does on the candle. But I am little biased. :) Yay for recycling something that could have been just tossed. But it was too pretty to pass up.


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