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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My big bean bag chair

I have a lot of this fabric. It is actually curtains! And I have a lot of it! Thought I would make a super bean bag chair!
Close up view of the pattern

I used this Burda Pattern 8373.
It uses a lot of fabric! I had just enough! Here is me cutting I had to do it on the ground just for the sheer size.
Next I sewed it- super easy and fast! Now to fill it. I used some pillows I don't need anymore
Ok here is what I currently have. Now I need beans. I will add-it is super comfy I even caught the cat napping in it.

I got 2 more boxes of fill from amazon and added. FYI a dryer sheet will help those last bit of beans that have static cling. :)

Done! Love the new chair. Love the fact it has a high back! :) And I used up a lot of fabric!!!

I have even rearranged the inside and fallen comfortably asleep. It was wonderful. Big hit in my house!

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