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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Orange tribal top refashion

I thought this top was fun and I loved the pattern.. But it just didn't work on.....

After some thinking, I realized the bottom of the top would work as a skirt.  So I cut the shirt right below the armholes. I wanted to leave excess in order to work some sort of waistband.
I attempted to add a lining but then changed my mind. It did not need it.

Next I serged the edge of the top to avoid fraying.

Then I decided on something smart.... I left the existing elastic in and sewing the top part of the skirt to the underneath of the skirt. Essentially making a casing..

Basically I had to stretch while I sewed... but I got a picture!

Done! Now to have some fun styling it! 



Eddie's Room said...

It works much better as a skirt :-) I must remember this idea since I can't seem to find skirts anywhere are the moment.


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La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Eddie! :)


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