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Monday, May 27, 2013

Chevron Maxi Skirt

As promised, another maxi skirt! Love this brown chevron material-such a fabulous knit!

Again I used this pattern again ...

From Elle Apparel

First I had to get the pattern to be even.

I let the edge of the bottom layer to curl up and allow me to make sure the fabric was even. This was harder than I thought- this little trick helped me.

Also if you notice the pattern repeated every 8 ish inches. This is really important b/c you have to make sure you have enough. Luckily I had more than I needed!

Here is after the first found of cutting. I added an inch in the length and made the waistband smaller since the blue lace maxi was just a hair too big. 

Now to make the other piece and have the side match. Oh! This was a challenge. So I laid the top over the full layer of fabric (i.e. no folding in half here!). And I got everything to match up. If you look close enough you can see the first piece- yes it is hard. 

Here is the waistband. Again did the same thing with trying to match up. 

I sewed everything together but I should have went with my gut and how I cut it. It is just a fraction off on the sides but overall the skirt looks great and fits a little bit better!!!

It is a super fun skirt. I can't wait to wear it and play with different tops! :) Yay!! There may be another skirt in the works. It all depends, let's see!


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