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Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Craft '13 #9- Button necklace

This challenge for iron craft was notion. To make a craft with something you would find on the notion wall. Easy I have plenty of notions. Time to craft! I have a ton of buttons! They have just seemed to collect over the years. So I wanted to use my buttons up!

I divided them up into gold buttons which I don't care for and then colors (but no black, white, cream, brown).. First with the gold... I wanted to make a button bib necklace. I arranged my buttons in a way that would work and be sort of balanced while it was on a piece of black felt.

Next I both glued and sewed on the buttons. the ones with holes I sewed on while the raised ones had to be glued. I had initially tried to just sew them but it did not work well when the bib was upright-they hung weird. I glued between buttons to give the necklace a little bit more stability.

I cut away the backing so you couldn't see the felt. It felt (no pun intended!) like it still needed more stability so I added another piece of black felt. again cut away.

Now it is time to back it a little bit more for stabilitty. Fun with hot glue!! Yeah!

Now it is time to make it a necklace. I had to dig b/c my craft closet was a bit messy.

Warning this didn't work b/c I had too much glue on the opposite site as you can see in the next few pictures...

So I decided to glue black chain to one side and then a loop to the opposite side. I had to tweak the length to where I wanted it to lay on my chest.

I backed it yet again (now 3rd layer!) with another piece of black felt. Cut away.

Now here is my finished necklace! Yay!! Here's to another project! I actually really like it b/c I am not a fan of gold normally. But I do like this necklace!

I have full intentions of using the multiple color buttons for maybe a headband or something but I will have to wait until a little bit later. I ran out of black elastic to make another project for this challenge!



Just Crafty Enough said...

It really makes for quite a statement piece, I bet you'll get lots of compliments when you wear it.

Jenny said...

That turned out really well! You've inspired me to make my own :)

anastasia anezinis said...

I love buttons...very cute neclase!


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