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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Years Resolutions

Alright here we go! Here are my goals for the New Year! Come on 2014!! Happy New years!!

1. New Sewing techniques. I would like to try more and use some of these feet I have for my sewing machine. Like ruching with elastic in my bobbin. Pin tucking. Sewing with the circular foot attachment.

2. Make 1 thing from each sewing book.

  1. Burda Style Sewing Handbook
  2. Thrifty Style
  3. 49 Sensational Skirts
  4. Generation T
  5. Custom Couture
  6. Pattern Magic 
  7. Pattern Magic 2
  8. Pattern Magic Stretch Fabric
  9. Drape Drape 1
  10. Drape Drape 2
  11. Drape Drape 3
  12. Little Green Dresses
3. 99 Refashion Challenge. Oh yeah that is a lot of Refashions! But away I go! I have that many projects I can do!!! 

4. Get my sewing patterns online at Pattern Review, which may take me all year!!! 

5. Get rid of 1 more suitcase of fabric (preferably the big one with the broken wheel).

6. Get rid of 1 more box of bling (beads, sequins, etc)

7. Try at least 1 more knitting item. I did a scarf, I can totally do another scarf. But try and learn to purl. I'm cool with a scarf. 

8. Make at least 2 recipes for my cookbooks. Or else toss.

9. 30 more sewing patterns

10. Convert my old tapes to DVD and condense my stuff!

11. Try 1 new thing this year I have never done before! I'm thinking trapeze school.... But open to other ideas! 

12. Try to not buy anything else unless I need it. Seriously I have so much stuff!! Actually I have just signed up for the Ready to Wear Fast challenge at Goodbye Valentine. This entire year I intend to not purchase any store brought clothing (besides socks, underwear, and shoes), will either sew or refashion my clothing. Which I am totally fine with, actually I did this what 2 years ago? I highly enjoyed it and it spurred my creativity while I learned how to sew. It was great! I highly encourage.

13. Out of debt. I am so close. Pending a disaster we will do it! And hopefully before the summer.

14. Read a book for FUN. Yes this is virtually impossible for me. No idea why, it is either sewing or science book. This year I will try and read a book for fun. There is just not enough time in the day.

15. See my extra points list

So I would like to have an earn an extra points list. Just because if I do I should be rewarded. Here is my list
1. Rest of DVDs for bellydance (0.5 extra) and another 0.5 if I can sell the ones I don't want.
2. t-shirt quilt
3. 5k
4. BD costume finish
5. New bedspread/comforter and headboard.
6. Get that 2nd room organized and decluttered.
7. 25 more items sewn for charity.
8. Prom dress refashions for charity. Oh just wait I hope I can make this happen!
9. Any of the craft kits I have, if I get 1 done that will be amazing!!

So do you set New Years Resolutions? How good are you with keeping them?? I found that putting it out online for all to see is an incentive for me to keep them. I hate saying I accomplished nothing. Don't know why I do but that is how it works out.

From my blog to yours, Have a Happy and Productive New Years!! Here's to 2014 bringing love, happiness, joy, creativity, sewing, and refashioning!



Lisa @ OneRedShoeBlog said...

Good luck with these! Some of them are really interesting. Trapeze school? That would have NEVER crossed my mind. Very cool. One of my to-do's soon is to take a motorcycle training course. That's another suggestion, if you're looking for something you can do in a weekend.

Desarae said...

Wow, you have quite an aggressive list here! Good luck with all of these!


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