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Monday, January 13, 2014

Iron Craft '14: Three or black leather belt, refashion #3

First iron craft challenge is Three. Iron craft has now gone through 3 years!! Wow! I started in the first year, took the second year off to sew, and did the third year. Now we are starting our 4th. How great is that? Third anniversary is leather or crystal (the modern gift). So my craft sort of covers both.

Remember these hideous leather pants I refashioned for Refashion Runway. Complete with a tally of expenses for New Years a long time ago...?

And then I turned them into shorts?
Well I kept all the leather I had leftover for future projects, I just can't get rid of these animal products. One of them was the original top band for the pants.

I decided I wanted to turn it into a belt. Since it has a nice shape. First I needed to remove the button, hole, and also the leftover original belt holder pieces. Next, I found a belt buckle and 2 inch elastic. I found my perfect length- Didn't need too much. Sewed. I needed to cover up the original needle marks so I used some of my rhinestone trim I have had forever, covered the top and bottom. Done!!

Finally my end belt! Which after some sort of bout with a mild form of gastroenteritis, I wanted no where near my abdomen. I will just have to settle with a picture of it on my table. The thought of taking of end photo was not going to happen!

Cheers to my first iron craft!!


Magda E. said...

Using things to the fulest! I like that and you ended up with a great new belt.

Just Crafty Enough said...

Really good way to use something most would have thrown away.

La La Lauren!!! said...

:) I plan on using all that leather. Still have a bunch left! Just haven't gotten the courage to sew leather again. I was so traumatized


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