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Monday, January 20, 2014

SNL skit Retro Striped Dress, refashion #5

#5 here we come! I found this long sleeved stripped dress and was just attracted to it. It had a feeling that it came off an snl sketch. But I loved it. 

snl skit....

Yes don't they go together? So as I took this snl skit worthy dress I realized I wanted to keep its retro feeling. I decided for now to keep the sleeves on (though I think it would make a fabulous sleeveless dress-it is just cold outside, I need sleeves) and take some of the bottom off. 

I marked where I wanted it to fall. Made a line. Cut off! Then simply serged the bottom. Folded it up and sew the hem down. It wasn't hard but it is a circle skirt so you just have to watch out. 

done!! LOVE!


Popping my collar!!

Oh!! Didn't tell you! It has POCKETS!!! I laugh b/c I was watching an episode of Project Runway All Stars when Nick Cannon was a guest judge. He asked the others if pockets were the bomb for women's dress. All the ladies (including Isaac Mizrahi) unanimously said YES!!!!

Added a belt, and the dress works. (just now no ghost orb in the picture)

Side view complete with bluriness

In the end, something simple as a hem turned this dress into something I will wear!

Take one down sew it around, 94 left!!!



Sarah Liz said...

Hi Lauren, it's nice to find your blog - I'm hosting the Make a Garment a Month Challenge, and also have my own blog sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot. It's great to have found your blog - you look as busy as me:). I'm in the RTW fast as well :).

This skirt refashion is great - the dress looks wonderful in a shorter length.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Sarah! I'm happy to be part of the groups!!


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