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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bellydance DVD review: Tribal Fusion Fundamentals

Wahoo I have another DVD I completed. It is from the Bellydance Superstars, featuring 4 dancers: Kami Liddle, Moria, Samantha, and Sherri. Each dancer has their own section followed by their individual performance. All sections are voice-overed by the dancer, which I am sure all of you know I loathe.

Kami: Locks of all sorts.
The combos can be a bit of a brain tease. My only comment on this (besides I really enjoyed it) was I wish there was a voice over for the combo part b/c I totally forgot the moves, I could drill the combos- meaning she did them more than 1x. I really wish at least we could have gone through it more than once.

Moria: Conditioning/layering
Holy Moly Batman this section is crazy intense. Its almost like cardio yoga. Fast. Not for faint of heart nor beginners. There are no modifications for those who are beginners, so you need to know your stuff and when to hold back. Lots of squats and lunges. I felt my dinner which I ate over an hour before I started. Then the torture wasn't done and we were on the floor in an open leg position, doing hip glute shimmies with stomach and chest layering. Then not done. Repeat standing up, which actually I could get through. She did say this was her routine for a quick way to get strong fast. Man if I did this every day, yeah I'd be solid!

Samantha: Zils. She had a basic intro, different zil combos. And then moves to accent the combos. I actually liked the change in pace b/c I was still hurting from Moria's section. But I did get a little bored. I will say her performance ziling to Beats Antique was impressive, changing rhythms constantly.

Sherri: Floorwork and transition
Ack! More squats! Curse you! LOL. She did get some drills for building up your thighs and then items for your lay backs. There was a small combo but there was no drilling of it, that was weird. Not as intense as I thought it was going to be. I did LOVE her striped pants.

So my favorite was Moria and Sherri. I want to keep the DVD just for those sections b/c if I could master them- I will be really strong fast. I did enjoy the makeup and wardrobe sections which they had as extras. And a bonus if I can get some of Kami's locks.

It is a KEEP verdict. I would recommend for Intermediate or Advance dancers.


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Sonja Sheffield said...

Nice!! Sounds really good.


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