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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Silk DKNY skirt, refashion #29

I found this lovely cream silk skirt from DKNY. But a bit too big.

And it also had a lot of inserts. This was going to be a challenge to alter. 

Basically what I did was
1. I sewed the gussets together- these were sewn in via french seams so this was the easiest way
2. Cut off excess
3. Repeat for layer #2
4. Made an oops- skirt was made shorter. 
5. Finish with my serger to attempt to clean finish
6. Fix waistband.

Done! Paired with a white shirt and a belt. We are good to go!

I feel sort of naked tho, not used to wearing short things anymore. LOL

Recap! Fun skirt to go out with!

(70 refashions to go!)

1 comment:

Sonja Sheffield said...

That turned out great!!!


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