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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Sewing plans..

Now I am won't get a lot of sewing time in April. I have several things going on, going out of town, some other events going on, etc. So sewing won't happen until towards the end of the month.

My only sewing plan is to make a simple one shoulder maxi dress with a not so simple print.
Yeah I have lovely multi color "animal print like" material. It is a lot to handle but if I make a maxi dress it should work for the best. :) Probably going to have to work a bunch on the sewing machine. I took a bit of a break. I am still also working on that polka dot top. It is almost done, it is my first button down top and I am going slow....

Also BTW happy birthday to our little baby, Natasha. You know her as my mischievous little grey side kick. But she is just sooo cute. And yes born on April fools. So you know she is just too funny.



Dawn WH said...

This is going to look great Lauren! Good luck with it and enjoy your April plans :)x

Jessica said...

Best of luck on all of your plans for April. :)


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