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Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspired by India- tunic refashion # 28

Well this top I thought was going to fit however, when I put it on- yeah no. Would not go over my chest.

It is pretty nice. I just love the adornments. 

Turns out this was someone else's refashion. And it was taken in. I undid the stitches but alas still not enough room. 

Time to add some fabric to the sides. I cut off the bottom b/c it was too long for my anyways and trying to get it over my hips is a big no. I need to use this material for the sides. 
Ugh the arm holes had bad trim that looked like someone's dog chewed on it some... Had to take that off in order to have decent arm holes.

I had to even out the fabric on the sides b/c they attempted to put in side vents. But it was bad. Then I added a strip of fabric on each side. 

After fixing the sides, I realized the trim in the middle was having issues too and some was fraying, coming up, etc. I found some trim in my stash and decided it sew this over the gold trim. At the ends, I opened up the seams and hide the ends in the seam. Sew closed. Pretty quick and easy. 

Done! We have a shirt that fits! Oh yeah. 

Here it is on!

I tried tucking in, yeah meh. Makes me unbalanced visually. 

Back untucked. 

The before picture got lost. Sigh. So no recap. But At least I got this shirt to work. :) And a little less gold.

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Sonja Sheffield said...

Turned out nice!! Glad that gold trim went away.


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