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Saturday, April 26, 2014

White Jean Sad Sack Dress #2, Refashion 31

So I found another sad sack! Not that I am super proud of that but it is pretty sad...

And the back of buttons was not going to work. I mean how am I going to put this dress on when I am by myself. What if something shows? This was not going to work for anything. Plus the bodice was just MEH..

Now big white jeans, I wanted to combine the 2!

Yeah these are huge!

To undo the seams, this was solely a job for scissors. Just cut everything away.

I decided to use this pattern. My initial thought was the peplum top but instead I made my version of the dress. 
 I used the top with no collar with the white denim. Also I had fun with my overcast foot on my sewing machine. I didn't have my serger at the time (long story).
Instead of making the skirt to the pattern. I just cut off the bottom part of the dress. Removed the buttons and holes. and attach. I added an invisible zipper and I am done! I didn't even have to hem! Yeah :)

Best part I got to keep the pockets. Man I love pockets.

Trying out a belt...

Love my new dress! 




Kyle said...

What a beautiful refashion!!

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

Love it! I can't believe the transformation! Very cool.

Ardy said...


Barbara Carlon said...

I love a great refashion! This one is fantastic! Well done.

Jessica said...

Great refashion! Beautiful dress!! :)

Magda E. said...

And so much better it is! The fit is perfect!

Sonja Sheffield said...

I really love this! It's looks so much better!!


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