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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sherbert dreams dress refashion, #34

Iron craft challenge! This challenge was about art. To do something inspired by art. Again I am striving to do refashions this year, so I am going to start out with dress my mom gave me. It was the wrong color for my skin tone, not to mention that it was big and the sleeves tended to fly up.

Wahoo big!

I decided on my options and literally went on pinterest and just looked at art. I came across the poppies from Georgia O'Keefe. They have an orange base. I decided I could dye the dress and refashion it.

I went for RIT dye scarlet red and dyed the dress. It came out great!

I decided I wanted to take it in using elastic. My aim was to keep the dress, if I failed then I'll turn it into a skirt. 
I drew a line on my dress.
Cut a piece of elastic slightly smaller than my waist. 
Sew it to the dress while stretching i. 
To fix the sleeves, I took it in 3 times-you kind of don't see them b/c of the gathering of the sleeves.
I serged off the excess.
Then did a rolled hem on the bottom portion of the sleeve.
That lead to some stretching on the  bottom portion of the arm hole. 
The fix for that was taking it on the sides by machine. Done! 

I think i got the poppy red (with orange undertones). Dress is much wearable now 

With a belt. 

Yeah felt a little too much like Miss Claus so this belt is a no. 

Recap. The dress is wearable now! Yay!

Cheers to another refashion and another iron craft challenge! 


Annette said...

Very impressive transformation! I should have you come through my closet and do your magic.

Beth Huntington said...

Much better now, Lauren!


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