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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mom's peplum dress part 2 (refashion #41)

Part 2 of this dress is converting the top portion of the dress!

First, I took out the side zipper. Closed up the side seam. Next, I unpicked the center back with my trusty seam ripper for the new zipper to go in. Now, one of the issues I realized was there was like a big pile of fabric at the neck that stuck out. Like If I was the Hunchback of Notre Dame this would work. For me, not so much. You can see the pin marks where I needed to have a neck be placed. But I also did not want to loose the width. I could afford to look inches in the waist and busst but not as much as the neck. Essentially, I sewed a diagonal while putting in an invisible zipper.
That previous statement would almost warrant a merrit badge but I got it to work. I closed up the top binding. Done!

Neck hump gone! Close fitting top here! 

Such a versatile piece! 

Recap! This was a wonderful 2 for 1 refashion!


1 comment:

Marissa Nielsen said...

These both turned out great! Good job. :)



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